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Grande Excelsior School

Grande Excelsior Schools are an integral part of the Grande Education Group.  With a focused attention on specialized education, Grande Excelsior Schools offer  diverse geographic and cultural opportunities for educating local, regional and international students.

Opening internationally, the Grande Excelsior School joins elite sports programming with comprehensive education. The K–12 school system is partnered with the established Excelsior International School to provide a balanced schedule formatted to the unique needs of the dedicated student-athlete.


Excelsior International School takes pride in providing for both the student and the athlete:

Lower & Middle School

For students in grades K–12, the creative curriculum fosters the optimal social, emotional, physical and educational outcomes for students through caring and dedicated staff. The lower and middle school system works carefully to encourage those bonds that promote a powerful and welcoming learning environment for young students. Early education in core subject matter is supplemented with organizational, critical thinking, and general learning development.

Upper School

Students joining the upper school enter an environment of intense and focused learning. Areas of strength, opportunity, and interest are identified with the close support of teaching staff. Individualized plans meet these focuses, and students are encouraged to pursue specific education tracts that support their post-graduation goals. Leadership development is taught alongside contemporary and future technologies.

Celebrity Sports

Sports focus is the foundation of the Grande Excelsior School. Programming is modelled after the successes of the school’s celebrity partners. Branding, inspired, and informed by internationally renowned stars of their respective sports, the athletics at Grande Excelsior School bring students’ game to the next level.

Taking into consideration the unique scheduling needs of the student-athlete, sports and athletics are balanced with education from the start, without sacrificing one to the other.

More information on the pioneering Grande Excelsior School is forthcoming.

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